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The Tracy O Show Podcast

Sep 29, 2020

Removing your own toenails, being delirious, tired and in severe pain....all sometimes play a part in Ultra Running. Ultra Runner, and Blogger Melissa Martinez explains her love of the run and why her faith is such a huge part of her life. Need inspiration? This episode is for you.  

Sep 22, 2020

From experiencing some of life's major life's challenges like homelessness, abuse and losing everything in a California Wildfire, Sheila Mac offers us all advice for overcoming life's biggest obstacles. She explains her "BOOTS" Formula and teaches you how to use it to better your life.

Sep 15, 2020

Tracy can't stop gushing about Arzo Yusuf, the founder of The Sexy Boss Babe Podcast and The Sexy Boss Babe Quick Nail Company. Listen to Arzo's story of strength, heart and beauty and learn how she has mastered the art of Social Entrepreneurship. Arzo talks about the link between Foster Youth and Sex Trafficking and...

Sep 8, 2020

Why are people so unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives? How can you overcome negative thinking? Tamy Khan, AKA The Happy Meditator is a Mindfulness and Happiness Coach. Tamy explains how we can create a calmer, more mindful life and stop worry from taking over.